Battle Born and Bread

2020 will signal my official search for the best bakery in Las Vegas. Real live bakeries are a rare breed in 2020 America, especially in Las Vegas. The truth is there’s a popular bakery near me, but they do not bake bread. It’s all cookies and cakes- elaborate cakes. Where is a decent freshly baked loaf of bread or hamburger bun in this valley? I intend to find out. And I intend to document the search.

In the interest of empirical research I’ll need to establish the comparative criteria. I also might have to learn Excel to chart my future findings, if indeed there are findings to chart, and if indeed I can actually learn a new skill.

Nevada is a relatively young state, and old-school bakeries belong to the midwest and the east. A long tradition of family and neighborhood bakeries live where winter happens. It’s sort of logical that few bakeries exist in the white-hot desert. But, we have air conditioning now so where’s the yeast? Maybe northern Nevada holds some hidden gems. We shall see. Let the grains begin!

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