There are no Churros Here

Welp, the flavor of the 2019 Mystery Oreo has been revealed, and sadly, I did not win the sweet $50,000 prize. My first impression of the mystery creme was that its flavor & smell was: “something from the clearance aisle of Bath & Body Works”. The flavor turned out to be a trifle more food related. My actual contest guess is unimportant. What is important is that Nabisco has the final say, and proclaimed the new flavor to be “Churro”. What? Real churros are cinnamon-y and tasty. The cookie comapny’s idea of churro flavor is quite different than mine. So, Nabisco and I are at permanent loggerheads over this. Don’t know how they came up with their secret formulation. To me, it will always be a mystery. Never to be solved. Or eaten.

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